Marma Vidya: 108 Points of Light

   • Format:  Eclectic Weekend Course

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   • Instruction Time:  3 hours

Marma Vidya is the science of awakenng the 108 marmas for yoga and healing. It involves manipulating the flow of prana in the body via yoga asana and or pressure on marma points similar to acupressure. It is the highest stage of training within Kalarippayat, the indigenous martial art system of southern India, and almost extinct as a practice. The 108 marmas are also referred to as the precipitating drops of nectar, or points of prana, found within the subtle, or pranic body. They are the 108 points of light. Marmas are similar to the acupuncture points of Chinese medicine, but have a rich tradition of use in yoga and the marma therapy systems of ayurveda and Kalarippayatu. Marmas are also referred to as minor chakras. Though they are identicle in structure to the seven great chakras, they are found throughout the body rather than on the sushumna nadi (psychic channel) of the spine.

The course will explore the marmas both in theory, as well as in practice. Students will find marmas on their own body as well as massage marmas on partners. Students will be introduced to the Tantric practice of Nyasa, in which one of eight bija (seed) mantras are “placed” into the marmas with healing intent. The 18 Marmasthani Meditation will be both guided and instructed as a personal practice to activate the 18 marma regions of the body.

Yoga Alliance: This program satisfies Yoga Alliance requirements for anatomy and physiology, philosophy, lifestyle and ethics, and elective hours.

Course Outline (3 hrs)

Introduction to the 108 Marmas

Marmas in Kalarippayutu (Martial Arts), Ayurveda, Marma Therapy and Yoga

The Story of Kalari, Marmas, Bodhi Dharma, the Shao Lin Temple, Kung Fu, and Chinese Acupuncture

Did Acupuncture Originate in South India?

Marma Composition, Connection to Nadis and Chakras

Marmas, Regions of the Body and 5 Elements

Marma Imaging Exercise

Three Primary Marma Regions of the Body

The Taoist San Jiao (Three Jewels of Human Life Energy)

Classification of Marma Types

Marma Chikitsa (Marma Therapy): Healing with Marmas

Healing Marmas with Self Oil Massage (Abhyanga), Aroma Therapy, Herbs, Acupressure

Marmas and Asana: Using Asana to Restore Balance to Marmas

18 Marmasthana Meditation: Pratyahara of Moving Prana Between the Primary 18 Marma Centers

Nyasa: Placing Mantras and Bija Seed Mantras into Marmas to Heal, Protect and Awaken Concsiousness

Locating the Major Marmas of the Extremeties, Abdomen, Chest, Back, Neck, and Head

Marma Flows and Five (Pancha) Vayus: Controling the Flow of Prana in the Body and Practice

Using Simple Marma Therapy to Improve Asana Practice


Prana Sensitizing (using our hands to sense our own prana and the prana of others)

Nyasa: Placing Mantras into the Marmas

18 Marmasthana Meditation

Marma Locating, Stimulatiing and Awakening on Self and Partner

Marma Partner Massage




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