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Sevanti offers educational tools and sacred travel experiences that awaken us to the greatest gift within each of us: Self knowledge. Known as Vidya in the ancient Sanskrit language of Yoga, there is no greater knowledge, or source of happiness and health, than the knowledge of who we are in this life. The deeper teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda are vibrant life insights that offer profound Self knowledge and Self healing tools that we would otherwise never learn in life. These experiential teachings are literally priceless.

Hope to see you on the journey of life!

Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Program

Open to all

Open to anyone.
Ideal for yoga teachers, teachers in training, and health professionals.

Two levels

Level 1: AWCP Foundation Training
Level 2: AWCP Advanced Certification Training

RYS Schools

Available for RYS schools interested in offering wellness ayurveda electives for 300 and 500-hr YTTs, and as Continued Education.

Become an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor

See private clients, earn additional revenue OR simply deepen your knowledge of Ayurveda for self care, for family and friends.

Foundation Trainings

Level 1: Foundation Training
Immerse yourself into Ayurvedic principles and practices that heal lives and families. Learn the art of living with Ayurvedic nutrition, oil therapies, and customized lifestyle practices that restore balance.

Advanced Programs

Level 2: Advanced Certification Training
Go deeper. For those interested in National Ayurvedic Medicine Association (NAMA) recognition. Learn the art of counseling others with traditional Ayurveda.

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The Journey to India Retreat 2018

February 1-12, 2018

Join us for a magical quest through the spiritual epicenters of sacred India.
Both north & south India: two tours in one!
This is your journey.

Sacred Sap Retreat

Kerala (S. India)
February 1-8, 2018

The Post-Retreat Tour

Varanasi, Taj Mahal, Delhi (N. India)
February 8-12, 2018

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