The Sacred Sap Retreat

Kerala, South India

February 1-8, 2018

The first week of our journey, we call the Sacred Sap Retreat, is named after the warm, rejuvenating, Ayurvedic oils we will be massaged with daily in Kerala. The Journey to India Retreat as a whole is an equisit inner and outer journey through the layers of our being, from home, to India, to pure relaxation with daily yoga and massage, and finally peaking in our travels north to Varanasi and the Taj Mahal in the Post-Retreat Tour. The Sacred Sap Retreat in Kerala is designed to remove stress, jetlag, years of aging, connect one another, and open us to the beauty in and around us. The Sacred Sap Retreat also serves to prepare us for the transformative experiences of the Post-Retreat Tour.

Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort

Our home during the Sacred Sap Retreat will be the world famous Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort (aka “Somatheeram”) located just a few miles from Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala and our gateway of travel via the Trivandrum International Airport. The lushly gardened 15 acre Somatheeram property is situated atop beach bluffs which give our place of retreat a gorgeous perch top view of the Arabian Sea.

South Indian and Ayurvedic Cuisine

Indoors or overlooking the Arabian Sea

The culinary offerings at Somatheeram include traditional south India cuisine and therapuetic Ayurveda based dishes. Based on an Ayurvedic diet, dishes are labeled according to dosha (Ayurvedic constitutional types). The meals are always freshly prepared with seasonal vegetables and include the more well known Southern as well as Northern cuisines of India.

Additionally, western and other dishes are often included in the mouth-watering array that greets you at every meal! Non vegetarian meals are available for an extra charge. Please note that Ayurvedic doctors, quite often wondrous chefs themselves, have created most of the dishes!

The Somatheeram Ayurveda Centre

Staff of Ayurevda Doctors and Therapists

Somatheeram is a combined beach side resort and ayurveda healing center staffed with dozens of masterful ayurvedic physicians (Vaidyas) and body therapists at the ready to provide the full array of traditional Kerala style Ayurvedic healing and rejuvenative treatment modalities including rejuvenation therapies, shirodhara (third eye oil streams), abhyanga (warm oil massage), marma massage, and panchakarma (detoxification).

The Sacred Sap Retreat participants will enjoy a daily visit to the Ayurveda Centre on the Somatheeram property for a 2 hours Kerala style warm oil rejuvenative massage. Occasionally, a forehead oil stream “shirodhara” is included. Physicians will first conduct an ayurvedic assessment to assure that the correct oils and herbs are used in your sessions.


Kerala House and Special Cottage Rooms

All accommodation at Somatheeram, with few exceptions, are known as Kerala Houses. The Kerala houses were the traditional homes of southern India’s aristocracy in former times. The houses are up to 300 years old and were rebuilt after elaborate restoration. Distinctive features are the timber construction method and the use of antique doors and furniture. All Kerala Houses have full private bath and amemities. In some cases, guests will stay in Special Cottages, which are traditionally designed rooms with full private bath and amenities.


is famous for it’s ayurveda, considered the deepest ayurvedic tradition in India.

Also known as the Spice Coast and Malabar Coast, Kerala defines the southwest coastline of India with miles of beaches, coconut trees, backwaters, elephants, waterfalls and nature reserves unparalleled elsewhere on the planet.

Here you will find beautiful healing foods, pure fragrant oils used on the body in soothing warm oil massages, marma point treatments, shirodhara third-eye oil streams, and full body warm oil baths which combine to erase years from your body and mind.

The intention of this retreat is complete rejuvenation to restore the sacred sap. Daily treatments are deeply relaxing and nourishing, the food is purely satvic, dinner is served under the stars with live traditional Indian music and dance performances. The mind and the senses are made pure and calm.

Sacred Sap Retreat Includes:

  • Seven (7) nights accommodations at Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort located on the beach just south of the city of Trivandrum (state of Kerala)
  • Three meals per day with your choice of traditional Kerala cuisine or cleansing ayurvedic diet tailored to your constitution. Vegan, vegetarian and seafood options available.
  • Daily 2-hour Ayurvedic full-body warm oil rejuvenation massage and other treatments from trained Ayurveda doctors and body therapists.
  • Daily morning gentle yoga practice overlooking the sea with James and guest teachers.
  • Daily talks on ayurveda, swasthavritta (enlightened self-care), rasayana, the fluid body, ojas, rejuvenation, healthy aging, and longevity
  • Special Sunset Ganesh Puja at Shiva Temple: throw and crack coconuts for removal of inner and outer obstacles + Shiva temple ceremony
  • Half day boat tour of the lush jungle “backwaters” of Kerala
  • Half day visit to Kappukadi Elephant Reserve and Rehabilitaion Center to see elephants up close!
  • International airfare not included.

Sacred Sap Retreat Fee:


What is the Sacred Sap?

Why is the first segment of the tour called The Sacred Sap Retreat? Well, there’s a secret gem within ayurveda that everyone should know – and Sevanti Adventures will guide you on a tour to India to experience it. Ayurveda has several subspecialties, one of which focuses on the regeneration of the body’s cells and tissues, rejuvenation, and healthy aging. This practice is known as rasayana.

Practitioners of ayurveda, known as vaidya-s, believe that the younger life is the more rich in regenerative powers life has. As we age, and as we undergo increased stress from living life fully, we begin to lose this regenerative power of life. It is thought that what distinguishes young from old mentally, spiritually, and physiologically is not chronological time, but simply the strength of the regenerative process.

The rasayana view of ayurveda describes a sacred sap or juice (ojas, rasa) within us that when preserved (not depleted) or replenished regularly through life defines our youthfulness, vitality, health, and longevity. The practices of rasayana are a means to replenish these powers in order to offset the effects of stress and time. We then age more slowly.

How does it work?

Rasayana techniques and practices replenish spent ojas via the application of very pure, warm, ojas rich oils infused with ojas building herbs and plant essences. Thus the term rasayana: rasa, juice, and ayana, that which enters. During your daily 90 minute Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Massage sessions, therapists will massage copious amounts of these warm sacred oils all over your body. The ojas rich oils and herbs are absorbed into the tissues through the skin and begin the process of tissue repair and regeneration. Diet also plays a huge role (discussed on retreat) and all meals at Somatheeram are designed to be deeply nourishing to the body.

Traditional clinical techniques have been developed over centuries to target needed tissues that are unique to each individual. In Kerala, where these traditions are ancient and refined, the body therapists who will work on you come from family lineages that have been administering these techniques for dozens of generations.

When cared for and replenished regularly, ojas not only serves to protect us from stress and aging, but it reduces the ultimate sign of stress – aging. We age slowly and we look and feel younger than others of the same age. Stress and overwork are known to deplete ojas, drying up the tissues, joints, and nervous system, resulting in an aggravation of Vata dosha. The mind then follows with difficulty coping with stress and change. It becomes a vicious cycle. Aggravated Vata lends itself to early signs of aging and further ojas deficiency resulting in loss of suppleness, fatigue, increased aches, stiffness, decreased resistance to illness, etc. If you experience any of these signs, rasayana will benefit you.

The rasayana treatments, practices and lifestyle awarenesses taught on this retreat are a secret key to longevity. We will introduce participants to the fluid body and methods of rejuvenation known as rasayana chikitsa that can be done at home as well as daily and seasonal health routines that rejuvenate the ojas as an eternal practice of “youthing”.

The Fountain of Youth, as it turns out, was within us all along.

While at Somatheeram, also enjoy . . .

• Walks through surrounding traditional Kerala villages
• Traditional south Indian cuisine and ayurvedic healing foods at the restaurant buffet or order from the menu
• Swim in the Arabian Sea, take walks along the beach, where village childern play and fishermen haul their nets
• Enjoy all of your meals outdoors under the stars overlooking the Arabian Sea and the twinkling lights of fishermen laying their nets at sea all night
• Live traditional Indian music, dance and theater performances nightly by master artists
• Meet local Indian yogis and ayurvedic healers
• Shop in neighborhood classical Indian art shops and bring home your dream diety statue for your home or alter
• Visit the Somatheeram ayurveda herb garden and medicine processing center
• Visit the Ganesha Temple next door (special group Ganesh puja planned!)
• Cool off in the swimming pool

Resort Amenities and Services

• Ayurveda treatments
• A group airport transfer
• Telephone
• Safe deposit locker
• Mail and message handling
• Safe keeping of baggage
• Doctor on call
• Money change
• Gift shop
• Tours and travel division
• Room service
• Hot water
• Laundry
• Beach umbrellas
• Credit cards accepted

Please feel free to call us at (310) 393-4124 or email for questions about this retreat. We are currently taking deposits to secure one of the limited spaces. Register here or contact us now to join this life changing experience.

Retreat Registration Deadline:

January 4, 2018