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So much magic unravels throughout this journey! Thank you James for this incredible experience that we all will keep in our hearts and memories forever. The restorative week at Somatheeram Resort with Ayurvedic daily treatments and morning yoga led by Tawny Sterios. Waking up in Kerala, India and stepping outside to the incredible views of the Arabian Sea. Shopping with friends from the group in the local area. Traveling to North India and visiting the Taj Mahal, Varanasi - one of the oldest cities in the World, boat rides along the Ganges River and riding the Rickshaws with Tawny will be a moment I'll never forget! The food was incredible throughout the entire trip, the rooms were beautiful, the smiles and great hospitality were endless, and I always felt so safe. Thank you for this experience!

Tiffany P

What an amazing adventure! My experience in India is one that I will remember for the rest of my life....morning yoga with Tawny, the Ayurveda treatments, the staff at Somatheeram, our guides throughout India, the Taj, the Ganges, beautiful new friends....it was deep and rich and full of unexpected and delightful surprises. I LOVE India! 🙂

Sonya K

Thank you so very much James for taking us across the world to find magic, transformation, spirit and play. I enjoyed the journey so so much, laughed a ton, got rest, relaxed and felt more excited about life! I'm still processing it all and enjoying it. It's the trip that keeps giving! This journey was a life changer! Deep Ayurveda rejuvenation in the warm Kerala ocean waters, inspiring ancient temples, ceremonies, delicious south Indian cuisine, safety, play, adventure, shopping and downtime. The journey had the best of it all and it was all extraordinaire. Gratitude to all my sister travelers too for the ways you each blew open my heart, the belly with laughs, the true care, the deep sharing, inspiration offered, and instant friendship you all provided. The connections continue to unfold. You all have a room here in San Luis Obispo, CA to come play any time!

Tawny S

Thank you James for hosting this adventure. For sharing your wisdom, compassion, leadership, support and love. Thank you fellow adventurers for showing me a glimpse of yourselves through your own journey, experience, and epiphanies while in India. Thank you India. To say India is magical is an understatement. It is incomprehensible the depth that India will touch a person. And it is unknowing how long it will continue to hold this power over me. I will be back. If I am lucky, I will be back with Sevanti Adventures and James. But when I go back, my family will be with me.

Christina G

As the oldest and least Ayurveda knowledgeable member of the group, I was included and instructed as I asked and was ready. We couldn't have had a more diverse group on paper, but we quickly became friends. I was constantly impressed by the positive attitudes and energy of all. I hope to repeat the trip one day. Don't feel like you need to be a yoga expert to benefit from this experience. You will glow for weeks after you return!

Mary M

I am a Top 10 list maker and all ten are fabulous!:

1. The gentleness and caring of my Ayurveda Therapist each time I sat on the stool in her treatment room and she began the magic of the oil ceremony. Makes me cry thinking about her tenderness.
2. The food! The love affair with food on this trip started with airplane food. Yup, Air India rocks the culinary world for hungry travelers. Kerala food = double yums for variety and presentation.
3. The natural beauty and wildness of Kerala. You told me the resort would feel like living in 'The Jungle Book' and you were correct.
4. Tawny's yoga classes in our private yoga shala overlooking the Arabian Sea. Perfect length, intensity, style, themes, and tone all complimenting the treatments and state of mind we were all going through.
5. The Ayurveda Centre scene. The gatherings before treatment, my private meetings with Dr. Seena each day, of course the treatments, and the lounging with fresh coconuts after treatments.
6. Varanasi. I’m not sure where to begin here. What an adrenaline rushing, heart thumping, experience! Incredible!
7. Manikarnika Ghat (cremation ghat). Powerful heavy stuff here. Having laid to rest a parent, in-laws, and grandparents, this experience gave me great pause at not just the ritual beauty but at the intimacy in which the Hindu family handles the act of laying to rest. I appreciated that it was the family who prepared the body and brought it to its final resting. In the end it is a return to the earth and the cycle is complete.
8. The walk through the winding streets of the old city of Varanasi with everyday life stuff happening: cows, monkeys, school children, motorcycles, holy men praying, yoga centers, trash, food, small temples!
9. The grander of and unexpected beauty in the detail of the Taj Mahal. More amazing than I had thought it would be.
10. The camaraderie of women of all ages. Loved having you too, James, but there is something special about women becoming friends!

Becky S

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