The Journey to India Retreat

February 1-12, 2018

With James Bailey and Guest Teachers

Welcome to Sevanti Adventures!
Sevanti Adventures offers magical quests through the spiritual epicenters of sacred India.
The Journey to India Retreat is two tours in one: south and north India!
This is your journey.

Sacred Sap Retreat

Kerala, South India

February 1-8, 2018

Ayurveda treatments, Yoga, Temples, Elephants,
Backwater Tour


Post-Retreat Tour

Varanasi and Taj Mahal, North India

February 8-12, 2018

Row boat tour of Temples on Ganges River,
Ganga Puja, Sadhus, Taj Mahal


The Sacred Sap Retreat

Kerala, South India

February 1-8, 2018

The 2018 Journey will begin in Kerala (south India) with the Sacred Sap Retreat, a week of rejuvenation at the Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort. Gentle daily yoga and de-stressing Ayurvedic treatments will ground us and awaken our senses to the beauty of India and ourselves. This is our time to ground, connect with our inner self as well as with the group, heal, recover from jet lag, nourish our bodies and souls, and experience the vast, vibrant beauty that is south India. Expect lots of lush tropical jungle, imagery that evokes Kiplings “The Jungle Book”, rejuvenating Ayurvedic warm oil massages, bathing rescued elephants in an Indian jungle lake, Ganesh ceremony in a Shiva temple, and a boat tour through the mystical backwaters of Kerala. This is our opportunity to slow down and reconnect with our most sattvic nature.


is famous for it’s ayurveda, considered the deepest ayurvedic tradition in India.

Also known as the Spice Coast and Malabar Coast, Kerala defines the southwest coastline of India with miles of beaches, coconut trees, backwaters, elephants, waterfalls and nature reserves unparalleled elsewhere on the planet.

Here you will find beautiful healing foods, pure fragrant oils used on the body in soothing warm oil massages, marma point treatments, shirodhara third-eye oil streams, and full body warm oil baths which combine to erase years from your body and mind.

The intention of this retreat is complete rejuvenation to restore the sacred sap. Daily treatments are deeply relaxing and nourishing, the food is purely satvic, dinner is served under the stars with live traditional Indian music and dance performances. The mind and the senses are made pure and calm.

Sacred Sap Retreat Includes:

  • Seven (7) nights accommodations at Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort located on the beach just south of the city of Trivandrum (state of Kerala)
  • Three meals per day with your choice of traditional Kerala cuisine or cleansing ayurvedic diet tailored to your constitution. Vegan, vegetarian and seafood options available.
  • Daily 2-hour Ayurvedic full-body warm oil rejuvenation massage and other treatments from trained Ayurveda doctors and body therapists.
  • Daily morning gentle yoga practice overlooking the sea with James and guest teachers.
  • Daily talks on ayurveda, swasthavritta (enlightened self-care), rasayana, the fluid body, ojas, rejuvenation, healthy aging, and longevity
  • Special Sunset Ganesh Puja at Shiva Temple: throw and crack coconuts for removal of inner and outer obstacles + Shiva temple ceremony
  • Half day boat tour of the lush jungle “backwaters” of Kerala
  • Half day visit to Kappukadi Elephant Reserve and Rehabilitaion Center to see elephants up close!
  • International airfare not included.

Sacred Sap Retreat Fee:


Post-Retreat Tour

Varanasi & Taj Mahal, North India

February 8-12, 2018

After seven days of de-stressing and rejuvenation at Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort in southern India, we’re ready to experience northern India and quite possibly the most transformative part of the journey. We will fly north for a three city, five-day post-retreat tour that awakens the heart and spirit. We will explore the cultural and spiritual epicenters of Varanasi and the Taj Mahal. The ultimate India experience. The tour is more than traveling India, it is a deep healing journey through our own hearts, awakening us to the call of our soul’s journey.

Varanasi & Taj Mahal

After seven days of unwinding and rejuvenation at Somatheeram, our body, minds and hearts are ready for the journey north on a five-day tour to the ancient holy city of Varanasi and the Taj Mahal.

In Varanasi we will make the sacred tour of the temples along the banks of the Ganges River by row boat. We will make offerings to the Divine Mother, witness thousands of bathing pilgrims at the famous bathing ghats on the Ganges, and in the evening witness dozens of cremations at the cremation ghats.

We will visit the Golden Temple and meet sadhus and other yogis meditating on the river’s banks. After sunset we will witness one of the largest ceremonies in India, the daily Ganga Arti, which honors the Divine Feminine in the form of Ganga, the Ganges River that provides life to millions of people.

From Varanasi we will fly to Agra to tour the Taj Mahal, the greatest temple to love. We will rise early in predawn llight to witness the early morning sunlight bathe the Taj dome, changing colors every few minutes with the change is morning light. The palpable love in the Taj opens the hearts of all who stand before it.

Post-Retreat Tour Includes:

  • Offered to Kerala Sacred Sap Retreat participants only
  • 4 nights, 5 days, 4-star accommodations at the Radisson Varanasi and Radisson Blu Agra hotels
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Guided tours of the Ganges in Varanasi, including an early morning sunrise puja (sacred prayer and offering to the divine); also includes a late afternoon and evening return to the Ganges to witness the temple cremations and daily arti (a massive fire ceremony performed by Brahmin priests to the Goddess Ganga)
  • Guided tour of the Taj Mahal in the early morning to witness the rising sun change colors on the Taj dome; an afternoon guided tour of the Agra Fort.
  • Includes India domestic flights to Varanasi (TRV-VNS) and Delhi (VNS-DEL)
  • Includes roundtrip luxury bus transport from Delhi to Agra and back to Delhi
  • International airfare not included.

Post-Retreat Tour Fee:


Please feel free to call us at (310) 393-4124 or email for questions about this retreat. We are currently taking deposits to secure one of the limited spaces. Register here or contact us now to join this life changing experience.

Retreat Registration Deadline:

January 4, 2018

Your Retreat Guide

Every great journey needs an experienced guide

James Bailey and Sevanti Adventures welcome you to join us as we travel to both south and north India for two life changing journeys in one.

Read more about James...

James Bailey, LAc, Dipl OM, Dipl Ayu, ERYT500
Retreat Guide, Owner Sevanti Adventures

James has lived in India for extended periods of time for up to a year since 1989 and has lead many yoga and ayurveda retreats to Kerala since 2002. He knows both northern and southern India well and is planning future retreats to other regions of India, Nepal, and Tibet.

James is a third generation healer, ayurveda physician, yoga teacher trainer who has been living yoga and ayurveda for 25 years. He practices ayurveda, panchakarma therapies, marma therapies, acupuncture, and wellness counseling to guide patients towards their true nature of well being.

His formal clinical training includes 4 years (4000 hours) of studies in Oriental Medicine under the well known Dr. Daosheng Ni and Dr. Maosheng Ni (37th generation Taoist ptiests and Oriental Medicine doctors) and in Ayurveda under such luminary teachers as Dr. Vaijayanti Apte, Dr. Subash Ranade, Dr. Avinash Lele, Dr. Vasant Lad, and many Ayurvedic doctors and therapists in Kerala, south India where he spends time teaching and studying while on retreat.

James teaches yoga, yoga psychology, ayurveda and meditation workshops and yoga teacher trainings worldwide. He is a contributing editor and former columnist for Yoga Journal, Light on Ayurveda, LA Yoga magazine and other wellness magazines. He served as an active Board member of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM), and is founder of Sevanti Wellness Center, Sevanti Institute, and Sevanti Adventures in Pacific Palisades, CA.

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The Journey to India Retreat

A 3-min sensory experience of the Journey to India Retreat, hosted by James Bailey, filmed by videographer Ben Chargin. The Journey to India Retreat is offered each year from February 1-12. Open to all.

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